PPI, Premiere Products Inc, is an FDA licensed cosmetic and medical grade product manufacturer.  Telesis products have proven to be safe on skin and with high quality performance and wear in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries.  All products have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and they do not contain any known carcinogens or cyto-toxins.  Telesis 8S Silicone Adhesive has the same high standard formula features of the former Telesis 5 and 7, being medical grade, ethyl acetate-free, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-flammable, cruelty free and vegan certified.  The numbers in the Telesis line simply represents the order in which they have been introduced to the market, and is NOT indicative of adhesive effectiveness, strength, quality, or performance.

Telesis 8S Silicone Adhesive is a pressure sensitive bonding adhesive, and the go-to choice by professionals for bonding silicone or foam latex pieces smoothly for incredible strength and durability in continuous wear.  This is especially important around the eyes and mouth or other areas that are troublesome to glue down and stay down due to high muscle movement under the skin in these areas. This formula is designed to be slower drying to increase working time, and is excellent to use in high heat and humidity conditions.  Most importantly, the superior, low viscosity – water and perspiration resistant Telesis 8S formula bonds prosthetics and appliances to the body without damage to skin or prosthetic pieces.

We strongly recommend that you use the Telesis Modifier, in conjunction with the TELESIS 8S Silicone Adhesive to thin out the adhesive when necessary and maintain fluid consistency; as silicone adhesives tend to thicken when the container is repeatedly opened and exposed to air.  If you need a faster drying time adhesive, then we suggest Telesis 8 Silicone Adhesive.

Note: it is highly recommended that the Telesis Remover, be used exclusively to remove Telesis 8 Silicone Adhesive from the skin and appliance.  The solvents in this remover have been specially formulated for use in removing the adhesive, as other solvents may not work very well.  The Telesis Remover also helps ensure the preservation of the appliances for re-use.



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