Telesis 5 Matte Lace Adhesive is a professional grade product, and is a far more superior in usage over traditional spirit gums.  Once in place it is very secure, pliable, and does not have a shiny detectable finish.  It dries totally matte and stays matte, and far safer to use than other flammable adhesives, such as spirit gums.  It will not turn the lace yellow, and touch up is minimal, if necessary.

Telesis 5 Matte adhesive is thick and viscous, and must be used in conjunction with Telesis 5 Thinner, for the most effective application process and results.  There is a learning curve to using Telesis 5 Matte Lace Adhesive, so we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the steps in usage, and follow them for the most professional looking results.  To download a pdf copy of the complete directions for use and the application process for Telesis 5 Matte Lace Adhesive, click here.

For removal of Telesis 5 Matte Lace Adhesive, use Super Solv Adhesive Remover, to remove from skin and clean lace piece.

“Telesis 5 Matte Lace Adhesive was the only lace adhesive we used for lace hair goods on all “Cat in The Hat” photo and stunt doubles.  We used Telesis 5 Matte for 96 applications over a 6 month period of time.  It never made the lace yellow and touch-ups were minimal.  I also used T 5 Matte on an episode of “Enterprise” that featured Klingons.  The T 5 Matte adhesive kept my Klingon’s hair goods (moustaches, beards, eyebrows) on much better than other artists using different types of spirit gum even during outdoor shots in the desert on really hot days.”  – Jill Rockow, 2 Time Emmy Award Winning Makeup Special Effects Artist.



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