Thi-Vex® is a clear liquid made especially for thickening Smooth-On platinum cure and tin cure silicone products in order to customize the viscosity for vertical surface brush on applications. It is also used to increase super soft silicone’s Shore A Hardness for optimal pulls from rigid molds in making prosthetic appliances.  It’s also important to use in creating extra support for a firmer, more realistic end result in freehand sculptings.

Different viscosities can be attained by varying the amount of Thi-Vex®, which is added as a percentage of Part A, and must be thoroughly mixed with Parts A and B before proceeding on to your next step.  Add desired amounts of THI-VEX® to material and mix thoroughly, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times while mixing.  Be aware of your working pot life time when mixing, and pouring or brushing the silicone compound in it's liquid stage.  Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is strongly recommended as results may differ due to variables in temperature, humidity, etc.

NOTE: Thi-Vex® is not compatible with Mold Max® 40, Mold Max® 60, Ecoflex® 00-30, Ecoflex® 00-50, OOMOO® or Mold Star® 15, 16, and 30 silicone rubbers.  For Professional Use Only. Please read all Material Safety and Data Information/Instruction Bulletins thoroughly before using this product.

For a copy of the Technical Information/Instruction Bulletin click here .
For a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet click here .

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