Smooth-On Silicone Thinner® is added as a percentage of the total Part A and Part B silicone rubber components when mixing.  An accurate gram scale is strongly recommended to use for the best results.

Weigh out and pre-mix the required amount of Silicone Thinner with Part A of the silicone rubber product before adding in the Part B.  Mix all components thoroughly, and vacuum if required or as directed on the product's technical bulletin. Degassing will help eliminate trapped air and air bubbles in your pour and final cure of material. 

It is not recommended to use Silicone Thinner® in excess of 10% of the weight of the total A and B mixture.  Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application is strongly recommended to determine suitability for for your project's best results, especially if this material's performance is in question for your project.  Silicone Thinner® must be stored in an ambient temperature of 73° F / 23° C. 
Please read all directions, and any Technical and Safety data bulletins included with product, before using product.  Smooth-On Silicone Thinner® MSDS can be downloaded here.

Comes in pint and gallon sizes. 

One gallon size is available by special order only and free shipping does not apply.  Once you purchase the gallon size, we will contact you with actual shipping charges due based on your location.

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Pint, Gallon (special order only)


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