OOMOO® 25 is an extremely popular tin silicone because it is so easy to use, and it has  very low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring.  It mixes at a 1:1 ratio by volume and no scale is required, nor vacuum degassing. 

OOMOO® 25 has a 15-minute pot life and 75 minute cure time. The density is medium soft silicone rubber – Shore 25A hardness when cured.  After dispensing equal amounts of Parts A and B into mixing container, mix thoroughly for about 3 minutes, scraping sides of container continuously.  You should have a uniform color with no color streaks before you pour it.

Applying  a release agent such as Mann’s Ease Release 200, will help prevent sticking and mold degradation when casting polyurethanes, polyester and epoxy resin products into the mold.  Allow to cure the full 75 minutes before demolding.  Allowing the mold to cure an additional 4 hours or cool to room temperature will deliver optimal use of the mold.  See instructional video below:



Please read all safety bulletins included in the product before beginning your project. 

The OOMOO® 25 Technical Bulletin can be downloaded by checking here.  The Material Safety Data Sheet can be downloaded by checking here.

Product Size:  Each bottle is one pint by volume.  The combined Net Weight of Part A and Part B is 2.9 LBS / 1.27 KGS.

Weight 0.1 oz


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Smooth On OOMOO 25 Silicone


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