Mold Star® 30 is a game changer in the way of using platinum silicones as a mold making material with indefinite library life usage.  It's the perfect choice in making molds for the popular prosthetic transfer appliances because it mixes easily by volume without a scale (1A:1B), pours easily, and de-airs itself without vacuum degassing. 

Once cured it has excellent tear strength with a firm shore hardness of 30A, so the stiffer rubber result is great for making a variety of mold configurations.  Because this is a platinum catalyzed silicone it is prone to inhibition with certain materials, especially models that may contain sulfur.  A small scale test is always recommended if the surface compatibility of the model is in doubt. 

Mold Star® 30 is not intended or suitable for brush on mold making. Note: This product will not cure against surfaces containing sulfur, even when sealed.  Thi-Vex Silicone Thickener is not compatible for use with Mold Star® 30.

Please read all directions, and any Technical and Safety data bulletins included with product, before using product.  Mold Star® 30 MSDS can be downloaded here.

To view a short video in how to mix, pour, cure and demold Mold Star 30 click here.  The first half of the video (48 seconds) is on Mold Star.  The second half (79 seconds) is an example in how to cast a resin material.Comes in two part pint trial size and gallon size.
One gallon size is available by special order only and free shipping does not apply.  Once you purchase the gallon size, we will contact you with actual shipping charges due based on your location.




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