Skin Illustrator Glazing Spray is the spray bottle or airbrush version of the Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels.  It’s the “sister” product of the popular glazing gels and in the same colors, and delivers the same great results you get with the gels, but in a sprayable form.  It’s buildable color can do all kinds of beauty and SFX looks that requires subtle transparency or a more saturated color effect.  Top Film and TV makeup pros love the fact that it retains the “in the skin” look under UHD ultra high resolution camera work, even in extreme close-ups!Glazing Spray a must to have for all kinds of subtle effects to built up looks for illness, casualty simulation, character work, fantasy looks or whatever project that needs the impact this product can deliver.  The water-based formula makes it ideal to use around they eyes, nose and mouth, and it and can be used in conjunction with any other kind of makeup.  Beauty artists will love the more subtle colors and application for blush, lip staining, contour and highlighting, etc.

From subtle to over the top, Glazing Spray allows you to create realistic sunburn, freckles, shadows and illnesses that look like they’re ‘in’ the skin, not ‘on’ the skin. They are ideal for pre-painting appliances before and after application, and you can even use them to create a super realistic look of dirt and grime!  This product settles nicely onto the skin, blends out easily, and the depth and intensity of the color can be built up.  This product will definitely enhance and bring alive your endless creative possibilities!

Glazing Spray is ready to use right out of the bottle, and can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge, even cotton swabs.  The age of UHD is here to stay and no matter what is asked of creative abilities, it has to look not only great, but highly believable to the eye.  Glazing Gels creates that realistic subtlety you need, and that you just can’t get with other makeup materials.  It will forever be a staple in your pro kit!

4 oz bottle.





Weight 0.1 oz
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Ultra Blue, Bright Yellow, Bruise Blue, Bruise Green, Bruise Red, Bruise Yellow, Character 1, Character 2, Fawn, Red 3, Sable, Sunburn 1, Tan 1, Tan 2


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