Silicolor is an acrylic copolymer medium that can be mixed into or applied over just about any liquid, paste, cream, or gel types of makeup to seal or waterproof the material.  For instance, you can mix Silicolor with any brand of rubber mask grease (RMG) to make a “PAX” style of grease paint makeup for tougher wear and staying power.  You can add it to airbrush makeup to increase the application durability, or to temporary tattoo ink for greater strength and stability in the end product application.  It can even be used by itself, and mixed down as an airbrush medium. It can even be used as a lipstick sealer.

Try it as a color tint coat barrier for gel filled appliances, or use it as a silicone gel appliance extrinsic surface tint when mixed at a 1:8 ratio.  As a sealer, mix Silicolor with 99% alcohol at a 1:1 ratio and you have a great surface sealant for all kinds of makeup applications, including appliances.  You can also use this mixture on modeling wax applications to provide a suitable surface for extrinsic coloring.

Silicolor is a great soft sealer when making prosthetic/bondo transfer appliances or parchment tattoo transfers.  To remove from skin, use soap and water, or remove with alcohol when using a stronger solution for super waterproof application.  This product is endorsed by the legendary special makeup effects artist, Dick Smith, in “The Dick Smith Course” when adjusting the color of an SGA.



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