Royal and Langnickel Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set are smaller and more handier versions of 6 different circular and triangular loop tools that are the essentials of every sculptors, potters, and modelers tool collection.  For pros, beginners, and novices alike, they are easier to grip and provide more targeted manipulation in your work, right down to the smallest details.  They move nicely through any kind of sculptable material, and the engraved knurled handles provide for balance in the grip.  These high quality tools are made of fine ribbon steel that has been firmly crimped and set in a 1/4" diameter by 4.5" long aluminum handle, and heat tempered for maximum strength and long lasting use. 

Ribbon loop tools are so useful in so many ways in sculpting and modeling in a variety of important needs, from carving, shaping, scraping, cutting, trimming, texturing, embossing, smoothing and finishing work, and right down to the finest details needed in your designs.  Whether you work in clays, plasters, waxes, ceramics, etc., this mini set will serve you well in so many ways as mentioned before, and are perfect for blending and smoothing the surface or edges of sculptures, and leaving a much more seamless finish than the rake style tools.  The different loop shapes allow for different effects, especially if you are doing facets.  The smaller finer wires in the loops also create finer lines and ridges where needed, and helps cleanly cut, slice or shape away clay where you don’t need it.  Ideal for use in Monster Makers Modeling Clay, MM-1396.

NOTE: Total overall Length of tools are 5” / 12.7cm.



Weight 0.1 oz


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