Royal and Langnickel Glue and Acid Brush Set contains 6 identical brushes that can be used with all kinds of SFX paints, materials, acids, adhesives, and other industrial type products.  These sturdy long lasting brushes are made of solvent resistant synthetic black bristles that are firmly crimped on a strong tin-plated durable steel barrel handle with fluted ferrules.  These are heavy-duty industrial quality bushes that feature a nice ½ inch wide bristle head on a generous 5” long handle instead of the traditional 3/8” wide bristle heads on shorter handles found in other brands.  Also, the bristle extends a full ¾” length from the top of the handle, so you can use it in a variety of ways, from the full bristle length or cut down to a customized length.  The longer overall brush length allows for a better comfort grip and balance in the fingers, especially when you need more control in doing fine detail work.

These brushes are super economical, and have a multitude of uses in a variety of ways; whether you need them for brushing, dabbing, wiping, patting, texturing, touch-up, swabbing, spreading, smearing, coating or removing – they are so extremely useful, and is a core tool found in every SFX artist’s lab, tool kit, and makeup case!   Arts and craft hobbyists love using them for many of the same reasons, and because they can either be one-use disposable or cleaned with soap and water (depending on the medium they are used for), and re-used again and again.  Not only do they do a great job in application, but they are also are handy cleaning tools for airbrushes and equipment and cleaning a variety of SFX tools.  They are great in removing dust and debris from tight places, hard to reach crevices and corners, and they can get into/between all the tight nooks and crannies along with other general purpose needs!

Whatever your project may be, such as texturing, smoothing or cleaning delicate clay sculpts, applying prosthetic adhesives and removers, lubricants, cleaning plaster and resin molds, applying sealers and release agents, painting various color mediums and various other SFX needs, this is a brush and tool you can’t be without.  They have an unlimited number of industrial, scientific, automotive, hobby, art and craft uses and are simply great to have in the garage, shop, or home too!

Each package contains 6 brushes.
Dimensions: Overall Brush Length 6” / 15.24 cm;  1/2” / 1.27 cm bristle width,  3/4" / 1.905 cm bristle length, 5” / 12.7 cm long handle length.



Weight 0.1 oz


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