Royal and Langnickel 9 Well Square Makeup Palette is made of very sturdy use plastic with safe round edges and are completely washable/reusable, depending on the medium used in it.  It's ideal to use for transferring any brand of alcohol activated palette colors onto a workable surface for mixing or custom blending.  Works equally well with all kinds of creams or semi-solid based makeup too.  Their slim weightless profile makes them super easy to stack and store together to transport a variety of colors together decanted from various original containers.

Unlike working directly out of the original brand makeup palette or makeup containers can get messy, but these handy palettes keep colors clean and sanitary from each other when decanted.  They allow you to transfer up to 9 single colors, or use palette to blend other colors together to create new colors.  They are terrific to use for thinning and making "washes" out of a variety of colors mediums too. 

Best of all, the Royal and Langnickel 9 Well Square Makeup Palette fits perfectly on top of the the open lid of most alcohol activated palettes, such as Reel Creations and Skin Illustrator, etc. No more resorting to using the alcohol activated palette lid directly for mixing or thinning colors, which can make your palette very messy overall, and cross contaminate colors.  Using these palettes instead will eliminate that, and actually help in minimizing waste of makeup and activating product too.  It is easy to re-hydrate transferred colors on this palette by simply storing some of the activating/hydrating liquid you use in a spray bottle. 

Palette dimensions: 3.25 in. x 7 in.



Weight0.1 oz


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