These round foam rubber sponges are so practical for a wide variety of uses.  They can be used whole, cut in wedges, picked with tweezers, or in any shape or form you desire to apply many types of makeup products. The texture of this sponge is very different from a regular white cosmetic sponge, so you can achieve more natural looking skin-like results, such as soft pore/orange peel texture.  Beauty artists even use them in the round as face cleansing sponges, which gives a super mild exfoliation to skin without harming damaging the skin’s mantle.

Use them to apply all kinds of cream type makeups, especially rubber mask grease paints, or stippling latex and adhesives.  You can also use it to apply alcohol based inks, theatrical sweat products (such as a mix of glycerin and water), even dry makeup powders for a specialized textured look.  These sponges are great for applying shading, breaking up tones, overlaying colors, creating beard shadows or skin pock marks, sunburn, small capillaries, small bruises, old age stippling, even beads of sweat.  No makeup artist should be without these great multi-use sponges!

Size: 3’’ in diameter and 3/8’’ thick.  Can be re-used if washed out properly.

Weight 0.1 oz


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