RCMA Dulling Powder is a transparent mattifying agent made from a fine non-crystalline or amphorous silica mixture that provides a total matte finish on shiny textured surfaces such as a heavy theatrical makeup applications and prosthetic appliances, especially silicone based and adhesive based prosthetic transfers.  SFX and Beauty artists alike have used this great dulling agent for decades for a variety needs that calls for a stronger transparent powder to permanently matte down and eliminate makeup and prosthetic appliance surface shine and tack before moving to the next step in a makeup application. 

Dulling Powder is best used in very small controlled amounts on prosthetic appliance applications or makeup covered skin that has a shiny surface texture.  It can be applied directly from the jar with an applicator tool such as a cotton swab or pad or a small brush and carefully stippled over the surface.  It can also be used over liquid mediums such as latex, Vinyl SFX, gelatin, silicones and adhesive based products that have dried or set with a shiny or tacky surface.  Makeup can then be applied over the powdered surface if desired.  It's also the perfect matting agent for use in sealers and adhesives as it dissolves completely and won't add any extra thickness or density in the end result.

This is an economical size and price for artists who don't want to invest in large bulk amounts of thermal silica dioxide type powders.  RCMA Dulling Powder is not to be confused with ultra micronized silica mineral powders found in traditional makeup powders.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Use with caution, and avoid inhaling powder or getting it into eyes and mouth.  Not recommended for use on bare skin, as it could dry out skin.  Keep away from children and pets.  For an MSDS on the ingredient of this product, click here.  Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible for buy or end user use or mis-use of this product.

For Professional use only.

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RCMA Dulling Powder


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