RCMA Artificial Tears and Perspiration is a specially compounded cosmetic grade glycerin based product that is an important staple in any makeup kit because it has so many helpful and numerous uses.   It's super skin friendly, and as quick and easy moisturizer/skin prep because of it's great humectant properties to instantly smooth down or eliminate dry and flaky skin.  It can be easily dissolved into water or alcohol, and can be used as a solvent and thickening agent, and it's excellent as a carrier for dry pigments to pre-dissolve them before blending with a liquid medium.

For a perspiration/sweaty look: mix product with equal amounts of distilled water or you can use 2 part glycerin to 1 part water, whichever you prefer, then place into a spray bottle and shake it up.  Simply spray it onto the skin to simulate sweat, and the proximity of the spray to skin determines how big or small the sweat beads will be.  Once applied it will stay in place and will retain a moist look like real sweat beads do for an extended period of time, and without evaporating like plain water can.  Spray on face and body but avoid spraying it directly into the eyes.

For an effective teary eyed effect put Artificial Tears and Perspiration directly in a dropper bottle and apply to the inner corner of the eye (avoid touching the eye), or on the cheek.  As it runs it will form beads that resemble real tears and will stay in place and not smear the makeup underneath it.

PRO TIP: this product is a great to use as both a thinner and texturizer for water based makeup and airbrush foundations, as it helps creates a semi-flat/dewey finish. Use it as a lip conditioner on dry or flaky lips before applying lipstick, or use it as a gloss over a lip color application.  It can be mixed with dry pigments to create all kinds of dirts, blood effects, you name it!

1 oz bottle.

Geniune - Made in USA

Weight 0.1 oz


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