RCMA AF Powder is great all-around high performing colorless powder to use as the initial powder application on grease paint makeups or prosthetic appliance application.  It's designed to absorbs the extra oils in a makeup application for a smoother looking finish without disturbing the color and performance of the makeup.  There are no pigments in this powder, so it delivers a smooth true color payoff.  It will not change the makeup color even after repeated applications, especially when sealing in-between makeup layers. 

AF Powder has been loved for decades by pro artists because it is so versatile.  It can also be used for retouching or maintaining a makeup application, as it will actually reduce the need for frequent makeup maintenance.  It's perfect for quickly matting down the surface of silicone, latex, gelatin, vinyl SFX, and prosthetic transfer appliances as it will temporarily eliminate surface tackiness and residue in order to proceed to the next step in finishing the appliance or application.

PRO TIP 1: Apply a light dusting of RCMA AF Powder to clean skin, and let it absorb for a minute before applying a grease paint makeup.  This helps to give the skin a smoother oil-free surface so you get better adhesion to skin and smooth color payoff.

PRO TIP 2: Pour some RCMA AF Powder into a velour powder puff, PPS-0297.  Fold the puff in half enclosing the powder, and rub all around the sides of the puff so that the powder gets embedded into the puff.  Shake off excess powder and now you have a handy makeup blotting powder tool!  To use gently press the puff onto the skin in a rolling motion to softly work the powder in to the makeup. 

3 oz jar.

Geniune - Made in USA

Weight 0.1 oz


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