Pro Artist Folding Travel Makeup Mirror is a generous 10" x 7" (254 mm x 177.8 mm) slim size mirror that has high quality real glass, and not reflective "metal" type glass.  It's professional look is due to the stitch finish in the cushioned faux-leatherette material that encases the mirror.  It can be used on any flat surface in either landscape mode (on it's side), or in portrait mode (upright) with three different angle positions.  The case has a friction lock to hold it in place and keep the glass secure, and folds flat for easy storage.  When it's opened in portrait mode the bottom functions as a stand to prop it up.

Its overall slim size makes it the perfect compact mirror choice to pack in a makeup kit, hair styling kit, suitcase, set bag, or even a duffel bag to transport to any location, as the padded cover protects the glass when traveling.  It sets up in seconds and great to use in small or limited spaces, especially when you need to put it away when done.  Pros and consumers alike will find this mirror an invaluable need, even for close up work such as tweezing brows, facial hair, or putting in contacts in the eyes.  The black faux leatherette case is easy to clean with just the wipe of a damp cloth.

Size: 10" x 7" / 254 mm x 177.8 mm.


Weight 0.1 oz


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