This specially formulated spirit gum based adhesive delivers the three most important features pros require of resin based (spirit gum) adhesives: It dries fast, completely matte, and has strong-long wearing hold.  Not only does PPI Spirits Matte Lace Spirit Gum Adhesive meet these important needs, but it is also thinner than other spirit gums, so it won’t build up or leave an undesirable crusty texture.  It’s the perfect choice for all kinds of false hair work, as it dries rapidly with a matte finish that resists perspiration, which is especially important for the wear of lace front pieces. 

PPI Spirits Matte Lace Spirit Gum Adhesive is far superior to regular spirit gums, and is the adhesive of choice of many Top Tier professional makeup artists for their false hair application needs. The matting agents are specially blended during the manufacturing process which ensures a fluid consistency and stabilized mixture.  Once applied and in place, it is very secure yet naturally pliable with facial muscle movement.  It truly dries totally matte and stays matte, with a non-shiny and undetectable finish.

PPI Spirits was developed specifically for the heavy false hair requirements of the Oscar Winning film ‘Lincoln’.  Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Howard Berger also relied heavily on this product for his work on the Academy Award nominated film, ‘Hitchcock’.  See what Oscar Nominated makeup artist, Steve Prouty, had to say about PPI Spirits, while using it on the film, ‘Bad Grandpa’





To use: apply to clean dry skin. Brush onto skin and let dry for a few seconds, then press hair or lace into the adhesive securely. For easy removal: use Telesis Super Solv, or Telesis Super Solv Plus.  This product is cruelty-free and vegan approved.   

For Professional Use Only.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Comes in 1/2 oz (15 ml) Applicator Pen, and 1 oz jars. 



Geniune - Made in USA



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Applicator Pen, 1/2 oz, 1 oz jar


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