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Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium is easier to work with than other brands of plastic appliance molding materials to make small flexible injuries and disfigurments such as raised scars, blisters, boils, burns cuts, abrasions, acne scars, and other skin anomalies.  This medium allows you to build the end result in a more customized fashion for a realistic look to the eye, especially if they will be seen through UHD cameras and TV sets.  It can be applied directly to skin in small amounts to build up the trauma effect, or it can be premade by sculpting it on a flat sealed surface.  Or, you can also place it into a small shallow mold that has been sealed or coated with a release agent to make instant appliances on set.  It’s ideal to use as an encapsulator for other types of prosthetic appliance materials too.
Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium compares to Kryolan Tuplast or RCMA Scar Material as a very versatile product used in many ways, so it’s a staple item in just about every Special FX artist’s kit.  When applying directly to skin, move and mold the material around with the nozzle tip (supplied with the bottle) or a Modeling and Sculpting Spatula, MM-1055, into the desired form and shape.  Quickly blend out the edges with a very minimal amount of cosmetic acetone on a brush as it begins to dry.  You can also use a blow dryer to help speed up the drying of the material; and once it’s dry and firm in place, set it with powder.  It can be colored extrinsically, using washes of any kind of makeup color, including alcohol activated palettes, to complete the effect if desired.  This product also allows you to create deeper or older looking scars simply by applying it in a loose skin area, pinch it together, and hold firm while drying.

Deeper cut molds may require several layers of material applied into a mold that has been properly prepared with a release agent.  Once the molded appliance is fully dry and cured powder the top, and then powder underneath as you carefully remove it from the mold.  To apply to skin: first clean the back of the appliance with a small amount of 99% alcohol and let dry.  Adhere appliance to skin simply by using more liquid Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium; you can also use Premiere Products Sigma Bond Adhesive, MM-1109, or even spirit gum adhesives.  If needed, edges can be further blended down with a tiny bit of cosmetic acetone on a brush.

Once appliance is secured to skin, whether it’s a direct to skin sculpted prosthetic or glued as an appliance to skin, it is waterproof durable wear.  To remove from skin: avoid any skin irritation from removal by NOT PULLING IT DIRECTLY OFF SKIN!  Simply find a corner and gently lift it up. Next, apply an appliance adhesive remover, such as Paint and Powder Cosmetics Isopropyl Myristate, MM-1522, underneath as it is lifted.  Any adhesive residue can be removed with soap and water, or a bit more of the Isopropyl Myristate. 

PRO TIP: for a great broken blister effect apply Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium directly to skin as described above.  Once it “skins” set with powder.  Before the material cures or dries completely, pull open just the top of the  appliance, to” break the blister”, revealing a shiny layer underneath. 

IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS: Always patch test first for skin sensitivity before using.  For best results when applying directly to skin, make sure it has first has been cleansed of skin oils with an alcohol based astringent.  DO NOT USE this product near the eyes, nose, on broken skin, or on hair.  If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.  Contains acetone, so be especially careful when handling or applying this product.  Apply ONLY in a well-ventilated area. For Professional Use Only.  Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible or liable for any customer or end users use or mis-use of this product.  Use at your own risk. 

Available in Clear, Pink, Dark, and Puss Yellow.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

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