Paint and Powder FX Silicone Liquid™ is both a sculpting/casting compound and a bio-adhesive bonding agent in a two part thick liquid.  Once mixed together it has the texture and movability much like melted gelatin, and can be easily freehand sculpted or poured into molds to make an endless variety of prosthetic appliances.  It cures into a permanent re-usable piece, unlike gelatin, which is a one time use product.  When used as an adhesive for silicone prosthetics it has a secure temporary lamination to skin that will not lift or shift until it is removed.

The MIXING RATIO is 100% PART “A” + 100% PART “B” BY VOLUME OR WEIGHT.  Mix both parts thoroughly by hand before sculpting or casting.  Once mixed it has a 4-6 minute window of moveability for freehand use.  It can be intrinsically colored with silicone paints, such as Smooth On Silc-Pig, MM-1339, and MM-1188.  It can also be colored or textured with other physical materials, such as flocking or pigment powders added in during the catalyzing stage before it cures.  It can be mixed with a chemical thixotrophic agent (thickener), such as Thix-Sil™ additive, MM-1189, to increase the density or firmness of the cured piece.  NOTE: This silicone rates in the super-soft (10 – 30) Shore A Hardness category, therefore it is strongly recommended to use Thix-Sil™ if you are going to cast this silicone in a rigid mold, so that it facilitates a clean pull from the mold.  It is also recommended to add in for freehand sculptings so that the end result has a density and firmness for the most realistic looking results.

Paint and Powder FX Silicone Liquid was originally created for the military and civilian pre-hospital care medical simulation training exercises and is used in training installations throughout the US and overseas.  This is the easiest and fastest platinum cure silicone product to use on the market today, and known for it’s ability to create extreme realistic end results.  It can be used by all makeup artists, moulage specialists, or medical/EMT personnel regardless of their special effects material abilities or background, and produces a soft, skin-like result.

Paint and Powder FX Silicone Liquid produces the most realistic, imperceptible-to-the-eye looking results over gelatins, latex, or wax for film and HDTV use.  It is the ideal product for moulage work because once cured it is impervious to heat or moisture contact while worn, and molded pieces have an indefinite library life with limitless use.  Once applied freehand to skin and cured, or a pre-molded cured piece, it can be extrinsically colored in a variety of ways, such as with alcohol activated color palettes or airbrushing.  The resulting piece provides strong and durable wear that will bend or flex with body movements for added realism.

Available in 4 kit sizes:
2 FL OZ each of Parts A & B.  This kit creates 4 ounces of sculpting medium.

4 FL OZ each Of Parts A & B.  This kit creates 8 ounces of sculpting medium.

8 FL OZ each Of Parts A & B.  This kit creates 16 ounces of sculpting medium.

32 FL OZ each Of Parts A & B.  This kit creates 64 ounces of sculpting medium.

One gallon (128 FL OZ) each Of Parts A & B.  This kit creates 2 gallons (256 ounces) of sculpting medium.  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY

Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible for the buyer or end user’s manner (use or mis-use) in which this product is stored, used, or applied.  All information is given in good faith, and it is strongly suggested that all technical data provided with this product is reviewed before use.


2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz, One Gallon


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