Paint and Powder FX 99 Percent Alcohol is Isopropyl Alcohol and is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade and a must for any professional makeup artist’s kit because it has so many important uses.  This product is the correct strength you need for maximum de-saturation and mixing down of ink colors in alcohol activated ink palettes for satisfactory results in application.  It also has anti-bacterial properties that make it useful for all kinds of sanitizing purposes.  It also greatly aids in cleaning up tape and glue residue from hair goods applied to skin, and removing adhesive residue from false hair appliances.

Artists also like to use it to smooth out clay when sculpting, and it’s great to use for slowing down the cure time for silicone mixtures.  Paint and Powder FX 99 Percent Alcohol can be used to thin out various makeup materials, such as rubber mask grease paints, and also as a sanitizer for makeup brushes, tools, and makeup stations.  It’s the go-to product to use as a skin prep for Special FX makeup work because it completely removes skin oils for maximum adhesion of glues and prosthetic appliances.   It can also greatly aid in removing alcohol based inks and airbrush paints from skin and from airbrushes too!  Special FX artists always use it to help clean out material residue from their casting molds, especially from plasters, resins and silicone molds.  Paint and Powder FX 99% Alcohol delivers a full 99.5% strength and is never mixed down or cut with fillers and additives like other brands, which is why this is the alcohol of choice for Special FX industry pros!  

WARNING: FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY! Please be aware of the possible health hazards that are associated with the use of this product! Liquid and vapors are flammable and can cause a flash fire.  Vapors may be harmful, and can affect the brain, nervous system causing dizziness, headache or nausea.  Can cause eye, skin, nose and throat irritation.  AVOID breathing vapor or mist.  Protect eyes with chemical splash goggles, and hands with chemical proof gloves.  Avoid prolonged contact with bare skin.  Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible for the buyer’s or end user’s use of this product, whether intentional or unintentional use or abuse.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to Federal HAZMAT regulations, this product CANNOT GO EXPRESS/AIR shipping.  It will go Ground shipping only within the USA, and cannot be shipped overseas.  Please understand that any HAZMAT items in your order will cause your ENTIRE ORDER to go ground shipping.



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