The challenge for oily/sensitive skin has been in finding the right toning or freshening product that is gentle and calming, yet highly effective in reducing oil breakthrough that leads to shine.  Overdrying the skin with alcohol, witch hazel, acetone, or other lipid striping ingredients actually stimulates the skin to produce even more oil, which actually causes greater irritation. 

Natural Born Cosmetics® Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshener does not contain any alcohol or other skin damaging agents.  Rather, it is a blend of the exfoliating BHA, Betaine Salicylate, naturally exfoliating Lemon and Passionflower extracts, and the next generation of AHA’s – a patented AHAminoPlex molecule –  that work together to minimize pores and smooth out visible imperfections.

It lifts away dead skin pigment cells, (which causes that ashy looking dullness on the surface) and eliminates excess oil and shine in seconds.  It effectively prepares the skin for optimal absorption of treatment products and produces a better bond with moisturizers and/or priming products.  Using this freshener as a toner after cleansing over a period of time will actually help skin normalize it’s surface metabolism.

To use: After cleasing, apply freshener moistened with cotton.  Apply an oil free moisturizer, such as Natural Born Cosmetics® Oil Free Hydrating Fluid, while it is still damp if desired.  Allow skin to thoroughly dry for 5 minutes before applying a primer or any makeup.

Using Oil Neutralizing Astringent before applying an anti-shine primer, such as Natural Born Cosmetics® Shine Free Solution, or Graftobian HD Foundation Primer, will boost the effectiveness of the primer, and skin will remain matte and the makeup will be more stable.  It can actually reduce the need for powder throughout the day. 

Alcohol free, fragrance free, and paraben preservative free.  Some skins – such as those with rosacea, eczema, extreme sensitivity, post dermatological/medical procedures – may react with redness, irritation, or other signs of discomfort using a product containing alpha/beta hydroxy (AHA or BHA) ingredients.  Discontinue use immediately if you experience any of these signs or discomfort.

As with any alpha/beta hydroxy, or retinol product that produces exfoliation, the skin will have some increased photo-sensitivity to sun.  Always use a minimum SPF sunscreen daily when using these kinds of products.  A good sunscreen for this is Natural Born Cosmetics® Solar Defender.

Ingredients: Water (base), betaine salicylate (exfoliating BHA), pentylene glycol (emollient), lactic acid (exfoliating AHA), sea whip (pseudopterogorgia elizabethae) extract (extra strength soothing), sodium lactate (buffered AHA), sodium glycolate (buffered AHA), arginine (naturally derived amino acid), licorice (glycyrrhiza) root extract (soothing), lemon (citrus medica limonum) extract (natural AHA, passionflower (passiflora quadrangularis) extract (natural AHA), ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner), xanthan gum (thickener), sodium benzoate (antimicrobial preservative).


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