These brow stencil sets contain the 3 most perfectly balanced brow shapes that will compliment any face type, and highly recommended by pro makeup artists.  The naturally curved arches, in a choice of fine, medium or full width and taper, give soft and natural looking results.  They are super easy to use, and allow you to create or customized to your needs for picture perfect brows. 

Choose the stencil that best fits your natural eyebrow shape in its general width and length, and place it over the brow.  You can easily adjust the curve, arch point, or taper portion of the stencil simply by moving it along the brow bone where you need it, as you trace or fill in with the preferred coloring method (pencil, powder or airbrush).  You get precision results and better looking balance in both brows with one stencil.  Simply flip it over and repeat the previous steps to fill in the other brow.

These stencils are ideal to use as a tweezing guide to help shape a perfect looking brow.  They are made of very soft and flexible yet durable plastic that are endlessly reusable, and a snap to clean with alcohol or any liquid brush cleaner.  Pro brow shaping and tweezing trick: choose a stencil shape and position it on the brow.  Next, take a white highlighting pencil, such as Natural Born Cosmetics White Highlighter Pencil, and trace it along the inside edge of the brow stencil customizing the length, arch and taper you want to achieve.  Remove stencil and tweeze the hairs outside of the white traced area.



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