Natural Born Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Makeup Blender

If you like the pink egg-shaped sponge that is so popular then you will love this next generation makeup sponge designed to deliver absolute complexion perfection!  The great thing about this re-usable sponge is that it can deliver flawless results with virtually any makeup medium.  It’s great to use for blending out foundation, concealing products, and especially for smoothing out airbrush makeup mistakes!

The Face Smoother sponge gives you amazing coverage control and more blending capabilities than the plain egg shape.  It features a bit firmer texture before moistened, so it won’t break down under repeated use or fingernail gripping pressure like the popular brand does.  You can create a beautiful smoother looking finish using much less product, so there is less waste in the sponge.

The key to a smooth looking complexion is smooth blending, without using tools or fingers that can leave streaks, visible lines, and an uneven application.  The Face Smoother’s unique shape was created without any edges and with more surface to work with.  It gives you total finger control in coverage, texture and finish for the most professional looking results.

When fully moistened with water, the Face Smoother Sponge expands to create an even softer surface shape to work with.  Pro makeup artists love to use this sponge wet because it delivers airbrush-like results, especially for HD-like flawless looks.  To use, just moisten thoroughly with water and squeeze out any excess.

Use the wide end to blot, stipple or lightly buff on makeup with effortless blending. Or, work with the pointed end for spot applications or hard-to-reach areas such as around the eyes and nose.  Its unique curvature shape blends with the contours of the face, and allows for the most undetectable finish.

The Smoother Sponge uses are endless! For example, use it to apply a thin, film like layer of moisturizer, foundation primer, or foundation and blush liquids creams and solids.  It’s fantastic to use in an airbrush makeup application, as you can use it to quickly dab out out any overspraying mistakes for more evenly blended results. An airbrush makeup lifesaver!

You can also use it to apply an array of special makeup effects products.  With the Smoother Sponge you can control and deliver a sheer wash finish to opaque coverage.  It gives you a range of methods from stipple, bounce, buff or blot, however you need it.  The possibilities are endless with one simple tool!

See the perfect companion tool, Natural Born Cosmetics® Face Smoother Sponge Tip Brush, that is perfect for applying makeup in very hard to reach areas of the face, or for touch-ups.

The Face Smoother sponge is completely latex free, odor free, washable, and endlessly reusable.  To clean the sponge after use, we recommend using a grease cutting antibacterial liquid dish soap.

Size: 2.5″ tall by 1.5″ wide.




Weight 0.1 oz
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Purple, 4 pack (one of each color), Red, Pink, Black


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