This slant tip tweezer is an exceptional instrument that combines both form and function for a perfectly balanced tool.  The ergonomically designed tool grips comfortably in your hand and feels like an extension of your fingers.  It is the exact same tweezer that is sold for twice the price under another well known famous brand, but we were able to source these directly from the same supplier.

These tweezers stay sharp and close firmly in a grip on hair for precision grooming.  The Slant Tip Tweezer is made of brushed stainless steel for a great in-hand feel. It's constructed with a hand-filed precision tip designed for flawless extraction and expert hair removal.  Use the tweezer's point for targeted tweezing, especially for fine hairs, and the slanted side for general or multiple hair tweezing.

Each tweezer also comes in a protective sleeve that keeps it safe for storage and travel.




Weight 0.1 oz


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