Monster Makers Premium Grade Modeling Clay is the top sculptor's professional choice world-wide, from monsters to monuments, and for a variety of important reasons.  Monster Clay's unique sulfur-free low melt temperature formulation melts easily to a pourable consistency and is great for making copies of life casts where changes are needed.  It's easily softened with direct heat, and large forms can be rapidly built up with minimal effort.  Clay will always return to it's original firm state upon cooling for capturing precise detail and achieving perfect results. 

Monster Clay is formulated with entirely non-toxic, food grade components which also makes it bio-friendly recyclable and easy on the environment.  Buy it once and re-use it over and over again!  Monster Clay has been formulated for superior elasticity with an ultra fine consistency that delivers superior smoothness in your work.  It enables the capture of the finest detail, or the creation of unusual and difficult artifacts to achieve certain forms, such as wisps of sculpted hair.  It is virtually tack-free which prevents stickiness on fingers and tools for optimal movement and professional results every time.  It's the perfect choice for beginners because it moves from a melted state to room temperature without becoming chalky or brittle in the process.

Each five pound quantity of Monster Clay is individually packaged in a convenient, reusable tub that can be used in an oven up to 200°F.  Best of all Monster Clay has a lower density formula than the average oil based clays, giving the user approximately 25% more clay volume per pound, which makes it very economical on the wallet!  Best of all, this sulfur free recipe is totally compatible with platinum silicone molding compounds too, so there is never any worry about silicone inhibition.  

Watch this great video of 7 time Academy Award Winner, Rick Baker, create a sculpt using Monster Clay:



Professional Tip:  Monster Clay® has amazing elasticity that allows you to warp, bend, and stretch to create new forms and copies from cast pieces.  "Freeze" the new form in place by submerging it in cold water or with a blast of canned air.

For a copy of the Monster Clay® color details brochure click here.
For a copy of the Monster Clay® Technical Data Sheet click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For best results please be sure to review the Technical Data Sheet provided in the above link before you begin to use this product. 

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Sold in 5 lb tub containers only.

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