Monda Studio Large Stainless Steel Mixing Palette is made of high quality stainless steel with buffed edged for safety.  It offers a big and firm durable work surface that is so easy to clean.  Use it to scrape, mix, mash, and blend together all kinds of cosmetic materials, whether liquids, pastes, creams or powders, with pressure and speed.

Big palettes like this one are very handy to use for makeup products that need to be thoroughly softened up first before blending or applying.  You can apply makeup directly from this palette rather than dipping from original containers, and this allows for safe practice in avoiding cross-contamination when using this palette and a spatula method because products do not come in direct contact with skin before application.  Once product mixture or custom blending is achieved you can then use the palette as a means of applying the makeup directly to your talent/client by using a brush, sponge, puff or other disposable applicator.  When done simply clean the palette and spatula with some brush cleaner or an alcohol based cleansing product and tissue and it’s quickly sanitized, ready to be used again for the next person. 

Use the Single Blade Flat Mixing Spatula, or the Royal and Langnickel Palette Knife, with the longer flexible blade for removing small amounts of product for accurate mixing.  A great companion product for this palette is the Royal and Langnickel Artist Palette Paper, for added durability, strength, and grip for mixing on the paper and allows you to keep your palette completely clean and in frequent use.

Dimensions: 9″ x 6″.





Weight 0.1 oz


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