Monda Studio Black Demi Accent Eyelashes is what pros love to use when they need to enhance the fullness or length of the outer corner of the lashline for a more glamorous eye-opening look.  Frequently referred to as lash clumps or half strip lashes, these eyelash accents are nicely flared at the base to fit in naturally with your lashes – boosting the outer corner of your lashes to create more volume and length.  Demi Accent Eyelashes is a favorite choice by pros because they are elegantly formed to fit perfectly into the natural lash line without looking overdone. 

The eyelashes work beautifully with any eye shape, especially heavy lids, to help create an elongated or cat-eye look, and enhance the density along the outer edge of the lashline for natural looking wear.  These sterilized 100% human hair lashes are tied to an invisible band, permanently pre-curled, waterproof, weightless in wear and very easy to apply.  The lash strip can be custom trimmed to fit the outer corner lid shape to softly create beautifully enhanced outer eyelash results, and without heavy coats of mascara.

They’re so weightless and comfortable to wear, and stay secure until you take them off.  They are also reusable if carefully removed and cleaned between applications.  These lovely little half lashes are the perfect choice to fill in sparse areas of the outer corner of the lashline, to help make natural lashes look naturally fuller, especially for daytime into evening wear.  They naturally intensify any eye shape, and you can customize the look of your natural lash line for a glam effect by doubling up on the lash clusters for an even more dramatic evening look!

To apply, make sure eyelids and lashes are clean and free of makeup and any excess oils.

1 – Gently lift the lash accent strip from the tray with tweezers, and very gently and lightly tug on the ends to soften the band.
2 – Check the fit first by laying the strip on top of your natural lash line at the outer corner.  If you need to adjust the width of the strip, trim only at the outer corner with small scissors.
3 – Apply adhesive, such as Duo Lash Adhesive, and squeeze out a very thin line along the lash band.  If needed, a toothpick or cotton swab can be used to spread the glue more thinly and evenly. Wait about 30 seconds before applying strip for the adhesive to begin to set.  You can also use Premiere Products Latex Free Add A Lash, if you prefer a latex free lash adhesive.
4 – Apply the lash strip as close to the base of your natural outer corner lashline as possible.  The easiest way is to start with the center first, to be sure the strip is centered properly, then work from the center outward to the outer corner using your fingertip to gently press the band to secure in place.  Support lash strip gently with fingertips slightly upward until adhesive completely sets.
– A light coat of mascara can be applied if desired to give more drama and further blend the lashes with your own.

Never pull or tug at lashes to remove them as this can cause your own lashes to come loose and fall off.  To remove: soften glue with an eye makeup remover such as Natural Born Cosmetics® Instant Eye Makeup Dissolving Fluid, then gently lift off the lash.  Continue cleaning excess glue off with remover and allow to air dry.

Each package contains 1 pair of lash accent strips.  Adhesive not included.








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