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The perfect makeup application always starts with clean brushes, and the Moda Tools Heart Scrubby Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad is the go-to tool for deep cleaning of all your makeup brushes.  The multi textured ridges on purple heart shaped pad are very gentle on the brush hairs and designed to work effectively between them to remove oil, makeup, dirt, impurities etc. for that deep and pristine clean your brushes deserve.  It takes the chore out of washing your brushes completely by hand using your fingers to work and buff the brush cleaner through the brush!

The handy 6” X 5” size and flexible silicone material makes the Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad storage and travel friendly.  It works with any kind of liquid or solid brush cleaner that suds up, and even the most dirtiest brushes (from heavy creams to intensely pigmented powder residues) will come totally clean.  It’s quick and easy to use: simply wet the mat, dip the brush in a cleaning solution and then work the brush against the flexible “fingers” on the mat, swirling the brush hairs back and forth through them to remove even the heaviest makeup deposits in them.  The fingers on the mat are very effective in removing all makeup residue, yet they treat your brush hairs very gently.  Rinse in clean water and allow brushes to dry. We highly recommend Speedball Art Pink Soap, as the perfect companion sudsy brush cleaner to use with this pad to

gently and thoroughly remove all kinds of makeup product residue from your cosmetic brushes.For a step-by-step video tutorial in using the Heart Scrubby Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad click here.

100% Vegan. Cruelty free

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