The Mistique™ Dual Action Internal Mix Airbrush with 0.2 mm nozzle size is made by the parent company who also makes the well known brand of Japanese/Taiwan made airbrushes, Sparmax, so it has the same high end precision movement and performance but at far less the cost than the name brand.  This airbrush works beautifully with any industry standard brand airbrush compressor, and delivers the very same high performance in application you have come to expect with Sparmax, but at a fraction of the cost!  This is the ideal airbrush to have on hand as your go-to airbrush, or a back up one. It's ideal to have on hand as a dedicated airbrush for certain colors, such as black, white, or red.
This airbrush is a dual action, internal mix, 0.2 mm diameter size nozzle with solvent proof O-rings, and a 1/20 oz (2cc) top mount gravity feed cup.  Spray width is 1 1/32" (hairline) to 1 1/2 inch.  The airbrush operates at 15 -30 working air pressure.
The airbrush comes with a nozzle wrench, and a screw on barbed air hose adaptor for the airbrush should you wish to use a slip on style hose alternative.  Replacement parts for this airbrush, such as needles, nozzles, needle holder chucks, and trigger back levers are always available and each ordered separately – See Airbrush Accessories and Parts section.
For professional artist use only.



Weight 0.1 oz


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