Mini Magic Washcloth Makeup Remover eliminates the dread in the makeup removal process!  With the specially designed split micro fibers and tight spot pocket you will never miss a spot or have left over make up on your face again.  The internet is full of rave reviews and the revolution that has taken place in putting micro fiber cloth makeup removers at the top of everyone’s approval list.  This little chemical free cloth is the natural way to remove even the toughest, smear-proof and water-proof makeup and mascara without the use of additional makeup remover products.  It’s simple yet completely hygienic to your skin in removing all types of makeup; including heavy stage and theatrical makeup products without leaving any residue on your face.  No added removers, oils, or alcohol needed so there is no extra mess!

This travel and price friendly package of 2 cloths works in the same way as those more expensive and larger makeup removal cloths, but at a fraction of the cost and with better patented microfiber technology.  This smaller size cloth makes it easier to target the areas of the face quicker and more efficiently than the big size cloths that can bunch up excessively in your hands and make it harder to use.  Save the money and useless extra material over those expensive brands with this little magic makeup eraser – you get two of these pretty pinks packaged in a sturdy pink vinyl plastic re-usable snap shut envelope, instead of a bulky throw-away box!  That makes this little gem super friendly for travel anywhere in the smallest of makeup kits or bags.

To use, simply wet the cloth with warm water and squeeze to remove excess. Gently wipe – don’t rub your face in small circular motions to lift and remove all makeup.  Rinse and repeat if needed, and depending on how heavy the makeup layers are. If removing waterproof makeup, gently repeat the process until makeup is completely removed.  Give face a final rinse with water once the makeup is removed.

Mini Magic Washcloth is machine washable with warm water and soap. Or you can wash by hand and hang to dry.

1 Package contains 2 cloths; each is 4 inch x 4 inch (101.6 mm x 101.6 mm)

Weight 0.1 oz


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