MEL Gel Prosthetic Transfer Cream is similar to other filler type creamed acrylic adhesive products (sometimes referred to as cosmetic "bondo", "cabo patch" or "spackle") in that it can be used as a prosthetic appliance repair agent, ridge or hole filler, seam or edge blender, or as a self sticking prosthetic appliance material, such as 3-D Prosthetic Transfers.  It contains flesh-toned flocking in the proprietary cream formula, and once the cream is spatulated into the desired form or finish it dries into a very matte, flexible piece that moves seamlessly with skin.  It's great to use to create scars and other wounds or textures in molds or directly on the skin!  

It's easily smoothed or shaped for perfect blending, and right down to a nothing edge.  Dries quickly to a translucent secure bond to skin, yet remains flexible in movement.  It can be sealed, textured, stippled, painted or whatever finish you need it to be.   It's perfect for molding in plaster, resin, silicone, or plastic prepared molds.  Blends easily with a wet sponge or moistened tool.  For molding Mel Gel Bondo Prosthetic Transfer Cream into Mel Products Silicone On Set molds to make 3-D prosthetic transfers, click here.  It can also be used in Brian Kinney's Hurt Boxes, MM-To watch a video tutorial of Emmy Award Winning SFX Artist, Brad Look, make 3-D prosthetic transfers using Mel Gel and how to apply them, click here.

To remove Mel Gel easily and effectively from skin you will need to use MelPAX Remover, MM-1506, or Paint and Powder Cosmetics Isopropyl Myristate, MM-1522.

Mel Gel Bondo Prosthetic Transfer Cream is favored and used by A-List Pro SFX Artists on movies such as Mad Max Fury Road, Spiderman Homecoming, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther, Logan, Beauty and the Beast, Dunkirk, Avengers Infinity War, and many others.

MEL Makeup Products were created by the multi-award winning team at MEL (Makeup Effects Laboratories) one of Hollywood’s premiere special effects, animatronics, and makeup effects studios.  The Staff of MEL has been awarded numerous industry awards and nominations from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars), The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy), Cable ACE Awards, Saturn Awards, BAFTA Awards, and The Hollywood Make-up Artists and Hairstylists Guild Awards.  Together they lead the cutting edge in the latest Ultra High Definition products and techniques used in special makeup effects industry for film and TV.

NOTICE! COLD-CLIMATE SENSITIVE PRODUCT. Exposure to freezing or severe cold weather conditions during shipping may chemically alter, spoil, or freeze product upon arrival to your location, including items in glass containers that break if frozen during shipping.  We are not responsible, nor will we replace any cold sensitive product that has been shipped by any other means, other than Express Shipping, during extreme cold or winter months: from November through March.  This includes package deliveries left outside and exposed to severe cold/freezing weather.  You are ordering at your own risk during these times and conditions.


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