Mehron ProColorRing Bruise Makeup is a handy wheel with  5versatile creme based colors that are perfect to use for simulating brusing and black eye effects, and other kinds of casualty simulation effects, such as cuts, scrapes, bullet wounds and much more.  The smooth textured creme colors are easy to blend with fingers, a makeup sponge or brush.  You can also layer the colors as needed, and they can even be used on prosthetic appliances or as a base for other special makeup effects applications.

These colors are also easy to use as a stain or wash by dipping your brush into a bit of alcohol first and thinning it down.  To set the color, simply dust with a colorless translucent setting powder, such as MM-1039.   You can also add extra durability and waterproofing by spraying it with Mehron Barrier Spray, PPS-0330, over the finished powdered makeup application to further hold the color and seal the makeup.  To remove from skin you can use any makeup remover normally used to dissolve cream based makeup, and follow with cleansing any residue with a cleanser or soap and water.



The Bruise Makeup Palette contains these 5 colors: Bloody Rose, Midnight Sky, Burnt Maroon, Spanish Olive, and Maize Yellow.  To learn how to create bruising using this product, click here for a picture tutorial.

Pro TIP: Begin with Bloody Rose to create a fresh bruise, and then add in Burnt Maroon and Midnight Sky to create an older bruise. Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow are used to create a healing bruise effect.

1 oz container.


Geniune - Made in USA

Weight 0.1 oz


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