Mann Ease Release 200 is easy to apply, fast drying and effective over a broad temperature range from 70°F to 500°F.  It provides excellent release, precise duplication of mold details, and less rejects for faster production.  Using a light coating of Ease Release 200 regularly will greatly help in extending the life of any silicone mold.  It is very important to remember that when casting silicone into a silicone mold you MUST use a release agent to prevent the casting silicone material from laminating (or bonding) to the silicone mold!

Ease release is effective on a variety of molding mediums including plastics, aluminum, chrome, RTV silicone, epoxy, rubber, steel, epoxy, urethane and platinum cured silicone molds.  Not for use with urethane foams

To Apply:
1. Thoroughly clean your mold with any suitable suitable cleaner to remove all traces of previous
coating and oils.
2. Apply Ease Release 200, holding the can 6 to 8 inches from the mold surface to ensure a light
even coating.  Next, lightly brush this release application with a clean dry brush.
3. Apply another light mist coating and allow to dry thoroughly before casting material.

CAUTION: Use Adequate protection when handling any release solvent system.  Contact with skin contact may cause dryness.  Wear safety glasses or their equivalent to prevent eye injury.  Avoid inhalation of excessive amount of solvent vapor. 

Comes in a 12oz spray can.

For a manufacturer’s Product Overview Sheet on this product click here
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This is a HAZMAT item and cannot ship via air transportation or to overseas/foreign countries.


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