Due to variance in the display of color across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product. Use for reference only.Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set is a must have latex free tool set that has a multitude of makeup application uses.   Makeup pros love them for faster blending or stippling in a makeup application, and without streaking or creasing in those hard to reach areas.  These are also great for finer makeup detailing and as corrector tools to use for quick makeup maintenance because they can reach areas that other makeup blending tools can’t, and with cleaner results without disturbing the makeup around it.  Use them wet for softer focus – more sheer and natural looking makeup applications; or, use them dry for more coverage, contouring, or to blot overly wet applications.  They are great to use dry to apply powder products for precise blending and finishing too, and especially for targeted highlight and contouring because they give you complete control in blending for beautiful and professional looking results.

These are also perfect makeup mistake “erasers” from removing mascara flakes to eyeshadow fallout, softening hard lines, and everything in-between!  They allow you to sweep, gently lift, or blend away those pesky makeup mishaps for smooth and clean results.  Applied too much blush or contouring products?  No problem, just use your tool of choice from the Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set to blend them down for the natural look you are trying to achieve.  Need a clean lip line in your lipstick application, no worries, just lift away any color outside the lip line with one of these handy tools! 
To use the tools wet, simply place into water and allow to absorb, and then squeeze gently to remove excess water before use.  These tools also clean up quickly with warm water and a small amount of facial cleanser, antibacterial liquid soap or liquid dish soap.  Gently work into a lather by massaging or soft squeezing, and without twisting or stretching the sponge.  Rinse and repeat if necessary, especially for stained areas that have remaining residue.  Squeeze gently to remove excess water then set aside on a dry surface or paper towel to dry.  NOTE: sponges will expand slightly when wet to give a fuller and even more smoother sponge surface to work with your makeup application.
Latex free, cruelty free, and hypoallergenic.
Sponge tip applicator on wooden handle measures 5 ½ inches long.  Mini Purple Sponge measures 2 ¼ inches tall.
From Two Time Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Suzanne Patterson :  “I love to use these tools as “guiders” for creating or defining a cleaner cat eye, flicked liner, or for bold and creative eyeshadow looks.  They deliver the look I want, and without smudging or moving the makeup underneath.  I can also use them to soften out any last minute makeup changes, and they can’t be beat for correcting all kinds makeup mistakes or maintenance, especially when I am on set!”
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