The Lower Lash Mini Mascara Brush has defined bristles specifically designed to reach and coat superfine lash hairs that are small in length or sometimes hard to see.  Standard size mascara wands are a bit too large to use for bottom lashes, especially those that are skimpy and baby fine hairs.  It can result in too much mascara being applied and is the number one reason for product clumping in lashes.

This mascara brush is the ideal lower lash application tool for all pro makeup artists and consumers alike.  It’s engineered to grasp even the tiniest of bottom lashes, and greatly minimizes or eliminates mascara smear on the lower lid, like you can get with mascara fan brushes or larger bristled mascara wands. It also keeps a mascara application from overpowering the lashes, so you get an even and smooth application that is completely buildable in coverage. 

PRO TIP: these handy lower lash brushes are perfect for blending in mascara with all kinds of false lash applications with natural lashes too.  They are also ideal to use for brow color applications, especially for thin and sparse brows.

25 wands per package.

Weight 0.1 oz


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