Due to variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product.  Use for reference only. 

Keromask Camouflage Cream Concealer is offered in sample disks. For complete detailed description of this product, it's features and performance click here.

Please understand that the Keromask manufacturer does not provide us with commercially made test samples.  We personally prepare them in house ot order as a service to customers who want to see and try out the properties and colors of this great product before buying.  The amount of product provided in the sample tester we send is for a one time only testing of color, texture, and concealing properties of this product.  It contains enough to test an area of the skin; and the size of the area or coverage depends on how thick or thin you decide to apply it.   

Please understand the sample is not intended for large area application or wear or multiple use, and we strongly discourage the purchase of these tester sizes if this is your expectation or need.  The cost of the sample includes the container and the labor to fill and pack the individual sample for shipping.  Test samples are individually made when ordered and are NOT returnable. 

Test samples are indivdually made when ordered and are NOT returnable. 




Weight 0.1 oz
Keromask Shades Test Samples

Light No. 1, Light No. 3 (aka Ultra Light Skin Tone), Light No. 5, Light No. 7, Light No. 9 (aka Light Skin Tone), Light No. 11, Light No. 13, Light No. 15, Medium No. 1, Medium No. 3 (aka Medium Skin Tone), Medium No. 5, Medium No. 7, Medium No. 9 (aka Brown Adjustor), Medium No. 11 (aka Chestnut), Medium No. 13, Medium No. 15, Dark No. 1 (aka Dark Skin Tone), Dark No. 3, Dark No. 5, Dark No. 7, Dark No. 9 (aka Umber), Mixer White (aka White Adjustor), Mixer Yellow (aka Yellow adjustor), Mixer Dusk


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