Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curler is a pinch-proof professional design that maximizes and emphasizes the natural fullness and length of lashes.  This precision crafted tool is made of high quality stainless steel, and engineered with a unique articulated pivot feature that applies a consistent pressure at exactly the right place on the lash.  The result is an eye opening fuller curl that emphasizes their beauty and expression.  You can use it before or after a mascara application, and it's perfect to use to beautifully blend natural lashes into a false lash application.

The curler has a simple squeeze and release motion in lifting and curling the lashes near the root line for maximum fullness for a natural or glam look – and depending on how much mascara you apply during the process.  This smooth movement creates a perfect curl to the lashes that helps them appear longer and fuller for a more wide eye effect.  The curler also features an ergonomic contoured cage, and a soft thick hypoallergenic silicone pad that won't harshly crimp or stick to lashes.  Silicone padding is far superior to the traditional latex rubber pads found in many other metal lash curlers, as rubber pads are more rigid and can crimp lashes too hard and unevenly, and potentially cause damage or breakage of lashes.  Silicone won't cause skin or lash irritation or damage to lashes, it lasts longer and is a snap to keep clean.

Japonesque Eyelash Curler Pad Replacement Program: Japonesque offers free eyelash curler replacment pads for every eyelash curler style they manufacture.  Here is the link that provides information on obtaining replacement pads for your Japonesque eyelash curler:  https://japonesque.com/curler-program/

For more than 35 years, Japonesque has earned the reputation of providing the most versatile, innovative and distinctive beauty tools and accessories in the industry highly favored by award winning makeup artists and celebrated beauty professionals worldwide.  Japonesque products are manufactured with precision for high performance utilizing superior craftsmanship, exceptional materials and uncompromising standards to produce the most desired beauty instruments in the world.




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