For a knocked out tooth look simply apply the black color Tooth Wax all over subject's dry tooth.  Next, use a toothpick or similar type  instrument to shape and fit the wax at the gum line, and to clean it off from adjacent teeth. 

Have the subject moisten the exposed wax surface with their tongue and it's ready to display as a lost tooth! For the chipped tooth (or teeth) effect just partially cover with the black wax and moisten in the same manner as above. 

Use the brown colored Tooth Wax for the rotted and decaying teeth look.  Depending on how you place the  brown wax, and how much you use, determines the degree of the decayed rotted look. 

The best way to start is to apply the wax fully to the dry teeth you want to distress, and then design the look by scraping partially off for a good rotted and decayed look.  Moisten in the same manner as above.

Weight 0.1 oz
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1/8 oz Black, 1/8 oz Brown


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