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Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Paint (RMG) is the top choice of professional special effects artists for its high pigment saturation formula, and delivering excellent coloring results for latex, bald caps, and other types of prosthetics.  Apply with a brush, sponge (wet or dry) or even your fingers for customized results and color textures. 

It's a great product to use for all kinds of character makeup needs because the color is vibrant and stays true longer than traditional theatrical makeup.  Great for character portrayal or casualty simulation needs.  It's also a favorite of many print and editorial makeup artists for magazine quality styles that require intense color drama.  You can create beautiful looks such as a high contrast smokey eye, or richly pigmented lips. For super glass-like lip shine over lips colored with RMG use Graftobian Castor Seal, MM-1051.

Graftobian's RMG contains castor oil, which allows the makeup to blend easily over latex, vinyl, wax, gelatin and even silicone appliances and surrounding skin area for smooth even coverage, and without the appliance absorbing the makeup.  Without RMG the latex would appear chalky and discolored from the appliance absorbing the oil from regular cream makeup products, and you would have obvious uneven looking results.

RMG provides complete coverage with smooth blending necessary for realistic results.  RMG can be mixed with other colors, or thinned with 99% alcohol to create (transparent) washes of color.  All of the RMG colors also have a matching equivalent Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush color, PPS-0024, for those who like to use both a creme and airbrush makeup on the same job for seamless results.

RMG makeup can be "set" with powder, such as Graftobian Translucent Powder, MM-1039, to remove the shine and allow for more durability in wear.  Any excess powder can be lightly removed with a powder brush or damp sponge.

For handy 6 color wheel containers of the most popular colors see MM-1062.

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Alien Green, Rose Blush, Graceful Swan, Silver, Sierra, Red, Purple, Olivia, Old Age, Navy Blue, Natural Tan, Mold Green, Milk Chocolate, Medium Honey, Medium Highlight, Maroon, Light Olive, Hazelnut, Frankie Grey, Egyptian, Deep Yellow, Dark Purple, Dark Bronze, Ceylon Cinnamon, Capillary Shadow, Blue, Blood Blister, Thunder Grey, Gold, Forest Green, Ebony, Desert Sand, CVA Suntan Red, Burnt Amber, Black, Light Cream, Green, Corpse Flesh, Clotted Red, Blithe Spirit, Special Dark, Sunrise Flush, Teal, Warm Honey, Warm Tan, White, Yellow


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