Modeling Wax does fast work in simulating all kinds of wounds and facial distortions, especially for building up distressed or unusual effects on bony areas.  Before applying makeup seal the wax with Graftobian Flexible Wax Sealer, MM-1043, to create a protective skin barrier on the wax.   Apply several coats and let dry.  Then apply a cream based makeup, such as Graftobian's Pro FX Rubber Mask Grease, MM-1062, over the sealed wax to blend with skin tone or add finishing color effects. 

Using a bit of Graftobian Spirit Gum, MM-1049, on skin before applying and modeling the wax provides longer wear and firmer adhesion.  Use a thin layer and allow to sit for a minute. Then press some cotton into the Spirit Gum layer and pull it away leaving some of the cotton strands embedded in to the Spirit Gum layer.  Allow to dry for a few more minutes and then proceed with the wax modeling on top of it.

This wax is also great to use for blocking out eyebrows because it blends so smoothly. Simply work it into the brow with a toothbrush until smooth.  Paint over with Flexible Wax Sealer before applying makeup.  You can also sculpt the wax on a smooth surface with a moleskin or gauze material underneath it to make small appliances, which can then be lifted and applied directly to the skin.

Modeling Wax is a very quick and easy way to build up small ready made appliances once they have been applied with and adhesive.  It's works as a fast edge blending/hiding medium, and can add extra drama to the look of the appliance.

Graftobian Makeup Remover, MM-1053, works great as an edge softener and blender to feather the edges into the skin. Simply use a small amount on the fingers and blend and smooth out the wax edge.  Blot dry any excess and proceed with coating the piece with Flexible Wax Sealer.

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1 oz jar – Light Flesh, 1 oz jar – Bone Color, 1 oz jar – Medium Brown, 1 oz jar – Dark Blood Color, 1.75 oz jar – Light Flesh, 7 oz jar – Light Flesh, 7 oz jar – Bone Color, 7 oz jar – Medium Brown, 7 oz jar – Dark Blood Color


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Graftobian Modeling Wax


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