Luster™ Cremes are so easy to use and will produce beautiful dramatic results you will definitely want to wear.  The colors mix easily to create other dazzling customized shades for glamour or fantasy effects.  Luster™ Creme will add a splash of eye-catching color and shimmer wherever  you want it, and to bring forward your unique look.

Luster™ Cremes come in a fantastic range of colors for all your special occasion makeup needs.   You can create subtle or dramatic looks by layering different colors over each other, or using them as high contrasting shades against each other for fabulous effects.  Use Luster™ Powders, over the Luster™ Cremes to further intensify the brilliance of the color application, or to add even greater contrasting results.

Luster™ Cremes and Powders can also be applied over liquid latex (after it has fully dried) to achieve a variety of beautiful and very durable fantasy effects.  To add even more sparkling results use Glitter Glam, as a finishing touch.

Pro Tip: These Luster™ Cremes and Powders will definitely light up your look with a glamorous finish, and with amazing results.  Try this eye-catching smokey eye technique like the one pictured above: blend Black Galaxy over the lids. Apply Silver Starlight blending it up from the lid to the brow bone so it has a  faded effect.  Finish with a touch of Opal Ice in the corner of the eyes.


Geniune - Made in USA

Weight 0.1 oz


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