Graftobian Latex Bald Cap is a lightly tinted flesh colored cap with natural strength and strectch through superior craftmanship for long wearing performance.  It's fashioned from the highest quality latex that is resistant to tears, and manufactured with extra length in the sides and back to help you achieve a perfect fit for any size head.  It features a thicker crown that tapers into thin edges that easily covers over the entire hairline and sideburns.  The wider nape ensures smooth coverage, and this is extremely important for people who have very thick or very long hair that has to be contained naturally in the bald cap.

It's the pro's choice because it delivers reliability and continuity in extended wear, and under all conditions, when properly applied.  It's perfect to use for film, video, stage and opera, and depending on the need, can be finished with most any makeup material.  Graftobian Latex Bald Cap delivers life-like results that encloses and covers the hair naturally, and when properly finished out it looks seamlessly real next to skin!

This bald cap works well with the addition of crepe hair and/or prosthetics to achieve even more dramatically different effects.  It can also be used for life casting FX, as a foundation for a ventilated hair piece (wig), or other kinds of prosthetics to protect the actors hair.

Full color detailed instructions that give step-by-step process in the application are included in the package, or click HERE. Following these easy directions will ensure high quality result that even beginners can achieve!

To finish the look with just simple grease paint makeup, we strongly suggest Graftobian's Pro/FX Rubber Mask Grease Paint, MM-1062, in the Bald Cap Flesh Tone Wheel.  See application video below.  Using Rubber Mask Grease Paint (RMG) will eliminate the need for sealing the cap with castor sealing agent, as RMG already contains castor.


Caution: this product contains rubber latex and can cause an allergic reaction in latex sensitive individuals.  Do not use around eye area, or over facial hair.

NOTE:  Avoid using mineral and petroleum based products on latex bald caps. 


Weight 0.1 oz


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