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GlamAire™ is formulated in 40 of the most popular skin tone shades used by top makeup artists in film and television today, and is the ideal choice for those long shoot days that need makeup to be long wearing with minimal touch-ups.  It holds up fabulously on skin that has persistent moisture issues (oils or perspiration) because of the acrylic ingredient that makes it stable in continuity on skin yet completely natural looking for camera or every day street wear. The convenience and ease for all makeup artists is that this airbrush product matches the most popular brands of traditional makeup cremes, and is further classified into warm, neutral, and cool undertones for faster skin matching.

GlamAire™ needs very little or no powder blotting, and Nurturing Force Blotting Papers (PPS-0001) work extremely well for any moisture maintenance without disturbing the makeup throughout a long day's shoot.  On-Camera talent and other performing artists love it's lightweight feel and natural look on camera, especially in HD formats. A unique feature of GlamAire™ not found in any other airbrush line is that each color is matched precisely to a Graftobian HI-DEF Glamour Creme counterpart, so a makeup artist can use the same shade in either airbrush or hand applied creme form, or both on skin with fast seamless results. These colors also match the most popular brands of other professional makeup cremes (see color comparision chart) so they are easy to incorporate into your kit or for selecting your favorite colors.

All GlamAire™ colors can be mixed in different proportions by the makeup artist to create a variety of custom skin tones. It also has the ability to create a thinner wash of color for a more translucent look if desired by adding GlamAire™ Clear Medium, purchased separately.  For best results witih your airbrush use the Graftobian Cleansing Fluid to keep your airbrush running smoothly between color flushings and maintenance cleaning.

An official notice from Graftobian: "At this time we have 2 different bottles in circulation for our GlamAire Airbrush Makeup.  Some bottles indicate '1.15 oz', and others say '1.0 oz". Please be assured that all bottles are filled with exactly the same amount of Airbrush Makeup, which is slightly over 1 oz.  We apologize for the confusion, but we are working towards standardizing all bottles to state 1 oz.  If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us directly."

1.0 oz /29 ml bottle


Geniune - Made in USA

Weight 0.1 oz

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