Clowns are an important part of making people happy and spreading cheer through their zany antics.  If you have ever been inspired by a Ringling Brothers, PT Barnum Circus or even the famous Bozo the Clown, then this makeup kit can make your dreams a reality. 

The kit makes it easy because it was specially designed for someone who has never done clown makeup before and needs all the essentials to put on the face. Whether it’s for a circus event or a backyard party, these products are specifically designed to make the clown in all of us shine brightly.

As a final touch, the kit also includes a high quality 1.5″ Goshman clown nose so you’re ready to ham it up!  This kit includes the following:

•Clown Cream Color Wheel (6 colors for foundation, highlights, shading and contouring, and detail work).
•Face powder (Translucent so you can powder down all five colors with it.)
•Powder Puff
•Black full length pencil for designing the face
•Full length brush for applying the accent colors and designs
•3 foam wedges for application and blending
•1.5 inch Red Goshman Foam Clown Nose
•Complete Step-By-Step Instructions in Full Color on how to create the Clown look.  Also offers costuming and costume accessory tips.

This kit is good for many applications, 15-18, depending on how thick you use the make-up and if you apply it on more than just your face. Does not include costume, costume accessories/props or makeup remover.  We suggest Graftobian Makeup Remover.

Please read and follow all instructions carefully to avoid problems or injury.

Weight 0.1 oz


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