All rubber latex appliances should be sealed prior to extrinsic coloring, or applying any creme makeup finishing to the surface, to keep the latex rubber from absorbing the moisture out of the makeup.  Without a sealed surface the makeup will look discolored, uneven, and chalky without this undercoating.  Stippling a thin coat of Graftobian Castor Seal over the appliance solves this problem, then apply Graftobian Translucent Powder, MM-1039, to absorb any excess oil and to prepare the piece for a makeup application.

Use a thin coating of Graftobian Castor Seal to store  your latex appliances will help keep them in great re-usable condition too!  First, clean off any adhesive residue, and makeup from the appliance with the appropriate adhesive remover.  Then spread a thin coating of Castor seal on the top and underside of the appliance.  Let soak for a few minutes, and blot off any excess with a paper towel.  Store in a plastic bag.  It’s that simple!

LIP GLOSS TIP: Castor Seal is also a fabulous lip gloss over any lip color application, whether it’s a lipstick or lip pencil.  First, lightly powder any lip color application with Graftobian Translucent Powder, dusting off any excess, then lightly apply Castor Seal over the lip color.  Beautiful results!

CREAM FOUNDATION THINNER TIP: Castor Seal works perfectly as a foundation thinning agent or “cutter” for all brands of cream based makeup.

1 oz bottle.


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Graftobian Castor Seal