To use Graftobian Brush Cleaner simply pour an amount into a container, dip used brush it into the cleaner, and swish it around until the brush fully releases the residue (you will see residue float to the bottom).  Drying time depends on the type of brush hair and density, and ambient temperature that allows for evaporation. Animal hair brushes take some time to dry, however synthetic brushes dry almost immediately and are ready to use again. 

You can speed up the drying of animal hair brushes by blotting them between paper or terry cloth towel to soak up excess moisture.  Always lay brushes on their side with the hair end hanging over the edge of the surface for maximum exposure to air circulation. 

This product is considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is GROUND SHIPPING only within the USA, and cannot be shipped overseas.


Geniune - Made in USA

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