Graftobian Blood Gel is arguably the best color and texture in a simulated product for High Definition realism in UHD-TV and film work, and in any casualty simulation training exercise.  It's perfect to use as a finish of coagulating bloody look on an injury simulation, especially on prosthetic appliances, or directly applied to skin for quick gashes and cuts.  The thick texture adheres well to skin and appliances, and gives a life-like looking effect of dark and thick congealing oozing blood.  It also has a super realistic slow drip to it as it warms up on the body, just the way real blood does.

Use it to create that oozing look in simulated fresh cuts, gashes and scrapes.  When applied in a swiping movement against skin with a black stipple sponge, MM-1133, it gives a highly realistic looking abrasion or road rash that weeps a bit of blood.  Best of all it can also be sprayed with a little water to give it more of an interesting bleeding effect.  A must have product that has the perfect color for the HD camera as well as for all mass casualty training drills and exercises.  

PRO TIPS:You can make an interesting scabbing effect by dusting the top of an application of blood gel lightly with any of the Graftobian Specialty FX Powders, MM-1242, especially the Black Soot Powder.  You can also apply a light dusting of Graftobian FX Blood Powder, MM-1289, on skin before applying the Blood Gel, or put a very light dusting over the applied Gel, and spray lightly with water for a fantastic bleeding effect!  Also, many top SFX pros use a mascara wand, PPS-0049 with the Blood Gel to create road rashes, scrapes, scratches, etc.

Watch a great video tutorial on using both Graftobian Blood Gel with Graftobian Modeling Wax, MM-1042, by clicking here.

Graftobian Blood Gel is syrup based, and non-toxic. Washes easily off skin with soap and water. Product may stain clothing so pre-testing is recommended. 

Ingredients:  Glycerin; Silica; Water; Peg-180; Red 40 (CI 16035); Blue 1 (CI 42090; Propylene; Glycol; Diazolidinyl Urea; Mrthylparaben; Propylparaben.

Also available in a 1 gallon pail which is special order only. This size does not qualify for free shipping due to the weight of the pail.  All gallon pails ship directly from the manufacturer so please allow up to 10 days for delivery, especially during holidays.



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