Due to variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product. Use for reference only.

Skin Illustrator is designed to create a variety of different effects, and the high pigment content provides rich color tones that stay in place and last all day.  This is a small, 5 color palette that contains the following colors: Black, T*bacco, Coffee Stain, Nicotine, and Rotted.  This is a nice combination of colors that can be used to completely blackout a tooth or just paint in gaps, chips, or pits.  You can get great results by dabbing 2 different colors in combination on the teeth for extra decay.  The colors can easily be applied with a brush, sponge or mascara wand.

To apply: Part the lips and move them away from teeth. Use a tissue to thoroughly dry teeth and surrounding areas first, then activate and apply the tooth lacquer and allow to dry on teeth thoroughly.  Once dry you can close lips and run tongue around the teeth to set it in place. Removes by brushing teeth with toothpaste.

The colors from this palette can be custom blended together with other Skin Illustrator colors from other palette sets.  Skin Illustrator also be easily blended with other brands of alcohol activated colors and palettes.  The colors are safe for use on the teeth, lips, skin, hair and around the eyes, and can be used with PAX, rubber mask grease, foam latex, gelatin, plastic and silicone appliances.

The palette colors must be activated with 99% alcohol, such as Telesis ISO GEL, MM-1111, Skin Illustrator Slow Activator, MM-1205, or REEL Creations 99% Alcohol Developer, MM-1182, to apply and requires very little touch up other than an occasional powdering.  Removal is easy with PPI's Telesis Super Solv, MM-1114, or Telesis Makeup Remover, MM-1255.

DO NOT USE 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water, or any other solvent, as you will not achieve maximum color saturation.  To use, simply saturate the top surface of the color well with the 99%, then work a brush or swab on the top of the surface until it liquefies.  It then can be applied with a brush, sponge, swab or even a disposable mascara wand.


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