The Every Beauty Every Drop Lip Spatula is an endlessly reusable must have tool, and works in any shape or size tube or container that has a wide enough opening to insert the spatula tip.  It will not absorb product, so it can be used directly on skin as an applicator tool or even a blending tool!.  Get every penny's worth of your lipsticks, glosses, tube mascaras, concealers and others by retrieving trapped product from tubes and jars.  The long, flexible nylon handle with the angled silicone tip reaches in every nook or cranny of a wide variety of cosmetics tubes, bottles and jars so that you can get and use every last bit before you kiss the lip product container goodbye!

Many lip product containers have the applicator attached to the cap, so it makes it near impossible for it to reach the bottom or sides of the product you paid for out of the container.  Until now, you were probably throwing away up to 25% of product left in a container, but no more!  With this genius lip spatula tool there is no more need to coax lip and other makeup products out of tubes, bottles or jars with a cotton swab – that ends up soaking most of it up! 

The Every Drop Lip Spatula with it's non-absorbing tip does all the work, clean and sanitary for you!  It’s the perfect hygienic way to transfer any cosmetic medium from one container to the next, or to simply scoop out for daily use too.  It's also a handy blending tool for mixing together all kinds of cosmetics.  You will love this tool and want to keep one in every makeup kit, bag, and purse!

To use: swipe the silicone tip along the sides and bottom of the container.  Do not force the spatula into the container opening.

To Clean: wash in room temperature soapy water after each use.  Do not put in dishwasher to clean.  Do not leave the spatula in any open cosmetic containers for an extended period of time. 

Measures 4.75" long.




Weight 0.1 oz


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