The Every Drop Beauty Spatula is an innovative, smartly designed tool that will set you free from throwing away bottles and jars that contain unreachable product!  No more shaking, tapping, rolling by hand, or draining upside down near empty bottles and jars anymore because this fabulous tool lets you scoop out and use every last bit of product from tall or short containers with one clean swipe.  The long handle reaches to the bottom of tall containers, and the specially designed non-absorbing silicone spatula even reaches under the lip or shoulders of the jar or bottle opening so you get every penny's worth from every product in your cosmetics and skin care collection. 

No more coaxing product out of containers with a cotton swab that soaks most of it up: the Every Drop Beauty Spatula does all the work, clean and sanitary, for you!  The handle bends to allow you to use the 3 different edges of its patented head: use the shoulder edge to retrieve the majority of product that is trapped in each bottle’s shoulder.  Use the side edge to retrieve product from the bottle’s sides, and the tip to pull out product at the bottom.  Until now, you were probably throwing away up to 25% of product left in a container, but no more!  Never waste a drop of your high priced makeup and skin care products again because this beauty spatula lets you get every unreachable drop left behind in the container.

Keep one in every makeup kit, bag, and purse.  It’s the perfect sanitary way to transfer any cosmetic medium from one container to the next, or to simply scoop out for daily use too.  It's also the perfect and handy blending tool for mixing together all kinds of cosmetics too!

To use: swipe the silicone tip along the sides and bottom of the container.  Do not force the spatula into the container opening.

To Clean: wash in room temperature soapy water after each use.  Do not put in dishwasher to clean.  Do not leave the spatula in any open cosmetic containers for an extended period of time. 

Measures 8” long. 




Weight 0.1 oz


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